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How to login to a Drupal site with user/1 if the password got lost?

Assume a Drupal site for which the password for user/1 (= the super user) got lost or is unknown (e.g. because you're the new admin, and the previous one has moved on)?

What's the purpose of the Group module and how to get started with it?

The Group module seems to be a pretty new module, available as of D7 and with a D8 version also.

It appears to be some sort of alternative to either of these modules:

So what is this module all about, and how to get started with it?

How to retrieve data directly from a Drupal database

Assume you have some table in your Drupal database, and you want to fetch some rows from it (directly from the database) to show them on a page.

How can this be done?

Are there any alternatives to applying for a full project on

Create a project (module or theme) on details all the steps involved in creating a new contributed module. Part of these steps is about Applying for permission to create full projects. All this may take a veeeery loooong time ... Here is a quote from that (last) linked page:

Please note: there is currently a large backlog of projects waiting review. Projects that haven't completed the review bonus program can take up to a year to be reviewed.

What's the purpose of "Replacement tokens" of a Message type?

To use the Message module (part of the Message Stack), you need to create 1 or more "Message types". But, when using the page to do so (or edit an existing type), near the bottom of it there is a field labeled "Replacement tokens", empty by default, and with some explanation below it like so:

How to use Rules to notify users about new or updated posts on a Drupal site?

If you want users to be able to "subscribe" to new or updated content that is posted on a Drupal 7 site, then usually these contributed modules get involved:

But these modules are either huge, or have some maintenance/support challenges.

What is Drupal's Message Stack and how do its modules work together?

The Message Stack appears to be a set of 3 Drupal contributed modules, that can be used in a Drupal 7 or 8 site to implement messaging in a Drupal site.

Here are some details about it (from that same link):

The modules have been written with a pluggable architecture that supports customization and extensibility. Each module includes implementation examples that give a hint of the potential use cases and integration with other popular Drupal modules.

How to create a booking system in Drupal?

What solutions would you recommend for implementing a booking system in Drupal 7, somehow similar to Booking Time Slots (which seems to cause some problems)? E.g. to book a free timeslot for a doctor appointment.

Some more details about my requirements:

How to reduce the need to enable the PHP filter such as in Blocks, Rules or Computed Fields?

Drupal comes with various options to use custom PHP, such as in:

  • Block visibility settings.
  • Rules conditions and/or actions.
  • Computed fields.

However to be able to enter such custom PHP code (using the Drupal UI), it is required that the "PHP filter" is enabled. But that is a possible security risk.

What options are available to reduce the need for using custom PHP?

When should I use Drupal 8 rather than Backdrop CMS?

Backdrop CMS is an alternative to Drupal 8. If you're upgrading from Drupal 7, what would be the reason to decide for Drupal 8 instead of Backdrop?


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