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How to enforce a user to complete a task before allowing a new one?

Assume some sort of eLearning site, created with Drupal 7, with lessons using video tutorials and quizzes related to them.

Students taking courses shouldn't be able to access any videos related to subsequent lessons until they passed some quiz related to the preceding lesson.

How to implement something similar in a Drupal 7 site? Is there any contributed Drupal module that can be used to enforce this kind of workflow?

How to insert advertisements in node bodies?

Sites using WordPress can use the Quick Adsense plugin to insert advertisements inside the body of a node (before/after specific paragraphs).

How to implement something similar in a Drupal 7 site? Is there any contributed Drupal module that can be used to add blocks of advertising (or anything similar) as part of an input format?

How to create collections of content that can be accessed by users with various access levels?

I'm looking for a way to create collections of content (nodes) that can be accessed by sets of users and with variations of access levels (such as read only versus update/delete allowed).

Some examples:

How to implement gamification in a Drupal site and award incentives?

How can a Drupal site be transformed in a gamification platform, which can be used to encourage actions on your site that you want users to perform within a specified time frame.

Some examples of such actions:

What are the alternatives for the Organic groups module?

Assume a Drupal 7 site using Organic Groups (OG), which is to be recreated in Drupal 8, with the typical facilities that OG offers.

For Drupal 8, apart from the initial port available on GitHub, there doesn't seem to be a stable release of Organic Groups yet (as confirmed also by Issue 2591017).

So where to start? Or what could be an alternate solution?

Are there any alternatives to applying for a full project on

Create a project (module or theme) on details all the steps involved in creating a new contributed module. Part of these steps is about Applying for permission to create full projects. All this may take a veeeery loooong time ... Here is a quote from that (last) linked page:

Please note: there is currently a large backlog of projects waiting review. Projects that haven't completed the review bonus program can take up to a year to be reviewed.

How to create a booking system in Drupal?

What solutions would you recommend for implementing a booking system in Drupal 7, somehow similar to Booking Time Slots (which seems to cause some problems)? E.g. to book a free timeslot for a doctor appointment.

Some more details about my requirements:

How to get started with Drupal?

Sometimes these kinds of questions about Drupal come up (typically from somebody new to web design/development):

  • How to learn Drupal, and where to start?
  • What else do I need to learn for Drupal?

Here are some no-brainers to answer such questions:

Any other answer for such questions?

How to proceed with a D6 site after Feb 24, 2016 when D6 is end of life?

Drupal 6 has been announced to be end of life as of Feb 24, 2016, as detailed in Drupal 6 end-of-life announcement. Here is a partial quote of it:

What this means for you:

Which Drupal module(s) should I use for promoting and selling online video tutorials?

I have a set of tutorials that I want to sell online using an approach like so:


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