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Accessing Data

WYSIWYG Reporting

FRX Reporting Reference

Rendering Data

  • Introduction - Content at a glance.
  • FrxTitle - Replace the report's page title and tab title by token replaced values.
  • FrxMyReports - Display the user's list of reports, optionally limited to a single category.
  • FrxSource - Display markup as a code snippet, without token replacement.
  • FrxXML - Display the XML data source of the current data context, useful for debugging also.
  • FrxParameterForm - Customize various aspects of the rendering of the report parameters input form.
  • FrxSVGGraph - Render a graph (chart) in SVG format, using the PHP SVGGraph library.
  • FrxInclude - Include another report as an asset with the appropriate tag, such as external SVG assets.
  • FrxCrosstab - Display of a table in crosstab format.

Skins and Theming

Site Building