How to get around the 'Charts holes' issue


Below is a (basic) example to illustrate the issue about "Charts holes" (= issue # 2052429 on

Consider a situation as shown in this tabular display (created with Views module):

If you use the RC1 versions of the Charts module to visualize these data in a column chart, you 'll get a result like so:

Or if you'd rather want a line chart, you'll run into a similar issue that looks like so:

Refer to the answer to this question for more details about how to actually resolve this issue, and make the chart (showing the same data) look as in this example:

Or as a variation, to have it look like this (line chart) example:


  1. Refer to this live example for a similar illustration, though anonymous users will only see a chart about data accessable to them ... Which implies that unpublished nodes (by design of Drupal ...) aren't included ...
  2. If you want, and this article helped you somehow, don't forget to leave some kind of feedback around here, or while checking out the answer to this question as mentioned above (e.g. in the format of an upvote to that answer).


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